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Gain exclusive access to the complete archive of speaker sessions from the Mid-Term Rental Summit 2024. That’s right – every expert tip, every innovative strategy, and every actionable step shared over those two powerful days is now at your fingertips. We’re talking 10+ hours of exclusive content designed to transform your rental strategy.

What can you expect from the Mid-Term Rental Summit 2024
On-Demand Experience?

The Mid-Term Rental Summit is where innovative strategies meet real-world applications, and where your current understanding is challenged and expanded. It’s not just about gaining a competitive edge; it’s about redefining success in the mid-term rental industry and discovering pathways that lead to sustainable growth and significant returns.

The Mid-Term Rental Summit is an essential resource for anyone serious about scaling their rental business or breaking new ground. This is not just another industry event—it’s a portal to mastering the art of mid-term rentals in today’s dynamic market landscape.

The speakers we brought together are visionaries and leaders in the field. They include successful entrepreneurs and seasoned investors who are not only following the latest trends but setting them. Their diverse backgrounds ensure a holistic view of the industry.


Ready to transform your approach to the mid-term rental market? 


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  • Real Expert Strategies: Learn from the best in the industry as they share the real strategies that made them successful in real estate.
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  • New Perspectives: Explore fresh ideas and innovative ways to manage and grow your mid-term rental properties.

Meet the seasoned experts from the MTR Summit 2024

They shared their real-world experience in the mid-term rental market, and now you can access 

their insights on what really works (and what doesn’t) anytime, anywhere with our on-demand replays.

Jeff Hurst President & CEO of Furnished Finder

Amanda Han &
Matt MacFarland
CPAs And Tax Strategists

Rafael Loza
Boutique Hotel & Airbnb Ops Expert

Sarah Weaver
Author of 30-Day Stay: A Real Estate Investor's Guide to Mastering the Medium-Term Rental

Noble Crawford III Co-Founder, Hospitality Brand Investor

Rob Abasolo
Founder of Host Camp and Short-term rental expert

Jeff Iloulian
CEO & Co-Founder of HostGPO | Justin Miller, CEO & Co-Founder of Showplace | Hannah McKernan, Interior Designer for Showplace

Henry Washington Real Estate Investor with 100+ Doors

Jesse Vasquez
CEO & Founder of AirVenture Hosting, AirVenture Academy & MTR Summit

Soli Cayetano
Out of State Real Estate Investor with 45+ Doors

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Most frequent questions and answers

Jesse Vasquez draws from his knowledge, experience, and passion for the emerging business opportunity in the Mid-Term Rental market when mentoring hundreds of real estate investors, homeowners, and Short-Term Rental enthusiasts. After 18 years in corporate sales training and leading million-dollar healthcare teams while moonlighting as a Mid-Term and Short-Term Rental Operator since 2015, he left his high-earning 6-Figure W2 Healthcare Sales Management career last year to go all-in with AirVenture Hosting and AirVenture Academy. Based in Central Valley, California, he found his niche in operating unique STR/Mid-Term Rental homes specifically for traveling healthcare professionals. With solid foundations, ongoing process improvements, and a team now rallying behind him what started from two homes in 2020, he now has a growing owned and co-hosted portfolio of over twenty property listings all over California and Texas. With thoughtful intentions and actions, anyone can replicate this. His Accelerated MTR Blueprint Masterclass and Mentorship Program deep-dives into the ins and outs of the No-Vacancy, Fully-Booked Business-to-Business MTR Model. He is part of a growing community of action-doers making massive moves in the MTR space. He advocates diversification and recession-proofing your rental portfolio. It is true. Your property can be booked solid with the B2B Mid-Term Rental Model.


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