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Codie Sanchez

Founder Of Contrarian Thinking, Small Businesses Investor Expertise To Equity

Henry Washington

Real Estate Investor with 100+ Doors Finding & Funding Deals: The Keys to Growing Your Real Estate Business

Soli Cayetano

Out of State Real Estate Investor with 45+ Doors How to START investing in ANY market in the country and scale your portfolio without using your own money

Rob Abasolo

Founder of Host Camp and Short-term rental expert Designing ROI

Sarah Weaver

Author of 30-Day Stay: A Real Estate Investor's Guide to Mastering the Medium-Term Rental Long Distance Investing for MTRs

Nobel Crawford III

Co-Founder, Hospitality Brand Investor Mid-term Rentals, Direct Bookings & Government Contracts: How To Build A Highly Profitable Hospitality Brand

Amanda Han & Matt MacFarland

-CPAs And Tax Strategists Tax Savings Strategies For Real Estate Investors