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Mid-Term Rental consists of properties leased for 1-12 months (typically 3-9 months) that are often furnished, making them an ideal fit for people working or living in an area for more than a few weeks but less than a year. While a Mid-Term Rental is leased monthly (vs. nightly or yearly), the daily rate is typically more expensive than the rate of a long-term rental but less expensive than the rate of a short-term rental.

I love operating MTRs because it offers true flexibility, so I have more time to focus on other things. Best of all, it helps to maneuver ordinances, regulations, and bans on STRs.

The Mid-Term Rental Stay Market is a goldmine. It’s golden! I like baseball (Go Giants!), so I’ll use a baseball reference. Since short-term rentals have been around since 2007, one could say that they are in the 5th inning, and there is still plenty to go. But in the MTR Game, for comparison, we are just starting – the umpires are just walking the field. If this gives you any context, the global vacation rental industry generated $91.2 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to generate $315.0 billion by 2031. Imagine having the foresight to know how big STRs would get back in the early 2010s. It’s like that now for MTRs! In my opinion, the MTR strategy will become its asset class in the future, just like residential, commercial, and multi-family.

Mid-Term Rental tenants and guests are Medical Professionals, Physicians, Nurses, and others on Travel Assignments. Other MTR clients are corporate housing contracts with recruiting and staffing agencies, technology companies, universities, film agencies, construction companies, insurance placements, government contracts, and more.

If you want to start owning and operating a Mid-Term Rental Home, the traveling healthcare professional market is the safest way to gauge the MTR potential in your market. The demand for Traveling Nurses and Physicians will be around for a while. It’s NOT a pandemic or post-pandemic story. Check out the travel nurse housing demand in your area in Furnished Finder to know the housing demand in your market.

But note, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme either. It takes dedicating some real time and energy too.  But, if you do the pre-work and get systems in place, educate, connect, and network, you too can have a book of business of active leads and an MTR business that rolls by itself.

Harness the power of an in-person event with over 300+ real estate investors coming together to source actionable strategies to build and up-level in the Mid-Term Rental space. Our main event will include education and networking opportunities between attendees, industry experts, leaders, and partners.

In the first MTR Summit, the biggest names and most interested real estate investors will meet. Gain access to strategic content in an environment conducive to forming lasting business relationships. You can cultivate relationships with key MTR industry leaders and influencers in this exclusive event.

Property Owners, Entry Level and Experienced Real Estate Investors, Entry Level MTR and STR Investors, Experienced MTR and STR Investors, Industry Partners, and Leaders.

As an attendee, you will receive the following from the summit:

  1. Source actionable strategies to build and up-level in the mid-term rental market.
  2. Discover how to maximize your rental profits for passive and recurring revenues.
  3. Walk away with the actionable strategies to build your MTR business:
    • All the resources to help you get started and navigate closing MTR clients seamlessly
    • Access the MTR business owner community to help you in your journey
    • Networking sessions with other entrepreneurs in the industry

As a sponsor, you will have the following opportunities:

  • Network with attendees during meals and breaks
  • Promote your business in front of 300+ attendees
  • Opportunity for Attendee engagement
  • Access to the Mailing List
  • Activation opportunities

The summit will be held from April 30 (registration and welcome reception) to May 1 (Main Summit Day), 2023, at Mission Bay Resort, San Diego, California.

Tickets are non-refundable. Your ticket may be transferred to another attendee if you cannot attend the event. Just let us know to whom you are transferring the ticket and provide their contact information to [email protected].